Sunday, 14 September 2014

Buy My Car For Cash: Tips On How To Make More Money When Selling Your Old Car

If you want to sell your old car, here are tips on how to get more money when making the sale:

Showcase the Ride

Just like in real estate where homeowners clear countertops, rearrange furniture, and clean closets in order to showcase their homes, you need to do similar things in order to showcase your ride.

This calls for you to thoroughly clean your car. When cleaning, you should not forget the interior: you should vacuum the carpets, shake out the floor mats, and wipe off any dust that might be on the dashboard and other surfaces.

To give your car a nearly brand-new look, you should consider hiring a professional detailing service provider. The service provider will wash, buff, and wax the car's exterior. He will also thoroughly clean and shine the interior and leave your car looking great.

Put the Papers in Order

Buyers like knowing the car's history; therefore, it's wise to have receipts, invoices, and any other records that will help the buyer in knowing more about the car. Some of the records that you need are service records. These are records that show a complete service history of your car.

You also need a vehicle history report which aids in creating good will with potential customers.

Know the Real Value of Your Car

Unlike before when it was almost impossible to know the real value of your car, this is no longer the case.

Sites such as Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book allow you to access market information and online calculator for free. Using the online calculator you are able to easily estimate the value of your car. When estimating the value of your car you need to factor in your vehicle's mileage, exterior damage, and interior condition.


These are tips on how to get more money when selling your old car. When you find a person interested in buying your car, you should be smart in the selling transaction.

If you will be selling the car to an individual, you should prepare a bill of sale. This is a document that documents the terms of the transaction. The bill of sale also serves as a legal receipt and protects you in a court of law.

When preparing the document you should include the make, model, purchase price, and year of manufacture of the vehicle. You should also include the date, buyer's name, and your name. To seal the deal, both you and the buyer should sign it.